Transition Team

In 2018, a transition team was formed to begin turning the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network into a community-based grass roots movement. This transition is being supported by citizens who have spent a significant portion of their careers either studying or leading public engagement initiatives in Ohio. 

Transition Team Members

Corky O'Callaghan
Corky O’Callaghan – Author, public engagement consultant and co-founder of the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network

Kathleen Knight Abowitz – A public school advocate  and Board of Education member of the Talawanda School District and professor of educational leadership at Miami University

Steve Thompson – A public school advocate and retired professor from Miami University

Sarah Stitzlein – Professor of Education and Affiliate Faculty in Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati

Scott Karlo – Community leader in the Woodridge Local School District

Jeanne Melvin – A retired public school teacher and president of Public Education Partners

Charlie Irish – A retired superintendent of the Medina City Schools and educational partner of the Kettering Foundation

Susie Kaeser – Founder of the Heights Coalition for Public Education and public school advocate for the League of Women Voters Ohio

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