The 2017 Report

In 2017, Ohio’s school superintendents participated in a year-long conversation about what they believe should be the mission of the public schools in our state.  The conversation was initiated by leaders of the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network who felt it was important that they and their superintendent colleagues look into the mirror and become really clear about their beliefs and the beliefs of their profession.  Below is their report:

Statement of PurposeIn partnership with their local communities, strong public schools educate ALL students to achieve individual success so they can become contributing citizens.
Belief 1We believe in valuing diversity and are committed to the success of ALL students.
Belief 2We believe in providing educational experiences that result in ALL students understanding that they are part of a broader community and, as such, have roles and responsibilities to each other.
Belief 3We believe in establishing trust and collaboration amongst ALL stakeholders who are responsible for educating the students within our local communities.
Belief 4We believe students, schools and communities are best served when decisions are made at the local level and supported by state and federal entities.
Belief 5We believe that student assessment is most effective when it engages the learner to increase the quality of the work, and when results arrive in time to help and improve teaching and learning.
Belief 6We believe that a school’s and district’s performance are best and most accurately determined through multiple measures that are consistent, concise and clearly understood at the local level.
Belief 7We believe that the local community members (parents, students, educators, school board members and superintendents) must be involved in the development of educational policy for Ohio’s Public Schools.
Belief 8We believe that a quality educational experience addresses the social, emotional, and intellectual development and well-being of ALL students.
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